Poona Club and its lavish spread of 13.5 acres of pristine English setting is I home to a myriad of confluences; people from exciting walks of life, attendants with warmth rare to find, facilities housed in ancient richness and modern lifestyles blended effortlessly to provide every person that walks into it, a feeling of natural comfort and aspiring attraction. Carrying forward the legacy of cricket-loving founder Englishmen and their hat-haute wives; Poona Club is now host to modern sports like Golf, Squash, Tennis and even indoor ones like Billiards and Cards. Apart from the pruned cricket lawns and four picture-perfect tennis courts in its premises, the Poona Club's sport franchise extends to a resplendent golf course that brings out the best of top businessmen and corporate czars in and around Pune. What after some heavy play you ask? Poona Club is equally home to a regal serving table for many of the city's glitterati from the entertainment, sport, government, industry fields and prominent corporates who frequent its arresting Bar Room and dignified Conversation corners over cocktails of business and pleasure. Overlooking the idyllic greens ville of the welcoming lawn are the club's lazying lounge and twin-restaurants. So, while the family marries around the jogging track or courts the kitchen's sauntering aroma; social festivities and theater screenings lace the atmosphere with the perfect community feel that is touching and enlivening. And with affiliations all over the world, Poona Club is just the right world of a club. For you, and your family. For life.

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